Hassle-Free Tips When Bringing Home A New Cat

Cats are not exactly used to traveling. Ensure that they are placed in a carrier that is comfortable, well-ventilated, and well-made to prevent or reduce any stress. Placing a piece of their bedding inside the crate or carrier can give them a familiar scent that can be somewhat reassuring. Avoid bringing excited or noisy children or your family dog to make the journey on the way home as smooth and quiet as possible.

Feliway, an artificial version of the happy pheromones found on a kitten’s scent glands can be sprayed on the carrier and bed before putting your cat there, as this can have a calming effect.

Your pet might vomit if given treats while on travel, especially if your cat is stressed, so do not do this.

If your pet got stressed because of the journey home in the carrier or car, you can do a program for desensitization to have more associations that are positive, once your cat has settled at home.

Any concern you may have about your pet’s behavior should be brought to the attention of your vets Tampa FL.


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