Talkative Parrots - The African Grey

If you’re looking for a talkative parrot to keep as a pet then check out the African Grey. This particular parrot originated in the Congo of Africa and comes in two types: the Congo and the Timneh. The bird is the most popular of parrots and the most talkative. The African Grey can learn more than 1500 words and has been known to speak in multiple voices. In fact, this parrot is very skilled at imitating words, sounds, and people in general. They African Grey is very clever and loves to play puzzle like games and talk with its human. The African Grey needs mental stimulation to keep him from getting bored and plucking out his feathers. Toys and human interaction are the best. Although the African Grey is talkative, he doesn’t screech or squawk and could live in an apartment setting. For more information about this breed, consult with your vet clinic Farmers Branch, TX.


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