Causes of Skin Problems in Dogs

●      Skin problems in dogs usually manifest as severe itchiness, redness, dryness, inflammation, lesions, bald spots, or hair loss. Some skin infections develop secondary yeast infections. Aside from parasites, bacteria, and fungi, below also causes skin conditions in dogs:

●      Food. Dogs can be allergic to foods with preservatives, colorings, or high protein content.

●      Season. Some dogs develop dry and flaky skin during the winter season, which causes them to persistently scratch.

●      Environmental allergens. Pollens, grass, weeds, trees, or dust can also cause severe itching in dogs.

●      Grooming products. Some ingredients can cause skin irritation in dogs, so it is essential always to use products specially formulated for dogs.

●      Boredom, stress, and anxiety. Some dogs tend to excessively lick their bodies, especially the lower legs, which is a sign of a lack of mental stimulation. Lesions usually result from excessive licking.

●      Hormonal problems. Changes in skin color, distribution of coat, or thickness are often a result of hormonal issues.

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