Getting Your Cat Fixed

Has your cat been fixed yet? If not, you want to see to this right away. This isn't just important for preventing unwanted litters. It's also going to be very helpful in curbing behavioral purposes, such as spraying, aggression, and escape attempts. Your cat will also have a lower risk of contracting certain health issues.

This is a very routine procedure, and complications are rare. However, your pet will need some extra TLC over the next few days. It's not a bad idea to pick up a new bed for your cat, so she has a comfortable place to recuperate. She'll probably sleep a lot for the next few days. You’ll need to make sure she doesn't worry at the stitches. An Elizabethan collar will help with this.

Most of the time, cats recover very easily on their own. However, if you see anything concerning, such as ripped stitches, pus, bleeding, or discoloration, call your vet clinic Columbia, MD right away. Or visit this site.


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