Maine Coon Cats and Gingivitis

Does your Maine Coon cat have bad breath? If so, she may be suffering from gingivitis or some other type of dental problem. Call your vet to set up an exam right away. Gingivitis is a type of gum disease that causes inflammation and irritation to the gums. It is said to be one of the first stages of periodontal disease or infections related to areas around the teeth including the gums. Gingivitis occurs when plaque or food and debris builds up on the gums. Advanced gingivitis occurs when plaque plus a calculus build up is present on the gums causing severe redness, irritation, and inflammation. The first sign of gingivitis in Maine Coon cats is usually inflammation or redness of the gums, which is also a signal of beginning stages of infection. If caught in time, gingivitis can be treated and even reversed. Ask your animal hospital Middletown DE for more details.


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