Things To Remember When You Bring Your Dog To Park

It is good for your pet dog to socialize and play with other dogs. But be sure to watch out for threats that might put you and him in danger. Here are things to remember when you take your dog to a park.

● Observe your pet’s body language and indications of fear or aggressive behavior when you let him play and socialize with other dogs.

● Always watch him and do not leave him unattended, never let your dog go too far and out of reach.

● If you have many dogs, do not bring them all at the same time. Take only as many as you can handle at the same time.

● Take also into consideration that each dog have distinct personalities. Other dogs do not like to socialize in the park, or even with your friendly dog no matter how charming he is.

● If your dog acts aggressively, like growling and showing his teeth, move him to another part of the park.

● If his aggressive behavior does not stop or he is too fearful, it is better to not bring him to the park yet, and try to get him into training classes to help him to be sociable.

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