Tips In Choosing The Right Pet Food For Your Dog

There are different types of pet food out there. There is high-quality pet food that is made from fresh, healthy, premium ingredients, then there are lower quality ones that tend to have fillers. Higher quality pet food has higher calorie density, so less of it is needed for the same energy requirement, your dog will eat less. This in turn can make stores of pet food stretch out for a longer period, eventually offsetting the price.

Experts have recommended that large size dogs are placed on a semi-moist or kibble based diet, else, a lot of canned dog food will be needed to meet their calorie requirements. Canned dog food also tends to contain a high amount of water, compared to kibble, which has less water, since it is dry, and is also denser in terms of calories. While smaller dog breeds have no issue with this, with larger dogs, a pure canned dog food diet is not advised.

For questions concerning your pet’s nutritional requirements, click this website, or consult your vet Shreveport LA. 


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