How To Choose The Right Litter Box For Your Cat

To help you choose the perfect litter box for your cat, you need to study the material used. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the choices available in the market. Instead, focus on what your cat prefers. Remember that cats prefer an adequate-sized litter and unscented.

The material inside the litter box is another consideration. It should be made of fine and smaller particles that clump together if it gets wet. This is similar to what they are used to in the wild, where they cover their waste matter with sand. With this in mind, you should also not get a litter box with crystals or pellets as a lining because these are painful for her feet.

Cats prefer unscented litter boxes so it would not be overwhelming to their senses. Their sense of smell is already strong, so they don’t need more stimulants. By making sure that their litter box is suited to your cat’s taste, she will want to keep using it whenever she needs to go potty.

If your cat stops using her litter box, there could be other health issues that need prompt medical attention. Make an appointment with your veterinary clinic Newmarket, ON. 


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