Why Do Chinchillas Get Ringworm?

Chinchillas are also susceptible to ringworm. In fact, chinchillas are one of the carriers of fungal infection that can infect both humans and other pets. They could be infected, by carrying the fungal spores on their hair coat, but will still appear normal. 

Chinchillas become infected with ringworms when they are exposed to the fungus. The spores will attach to the host animal. Ringworm infections are characterized by bald spots or flaky skin. These are usually found on the ears, the leg area, or the face of affected chinchillas. 

Bring your pet chinchilla to a vet clinic Bowmanville, ON for a thorough checkup. The vet will take a skin culture or perform a DNA test to check the presence of the fungus. 

For mild cases of fungal infections, the vet may prescribe topical treatment. But for more severe cases, the topical treatment may be supplemented with oral medications.


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