Tips For Achieving Healthy Skin And Hair Coat For Pets

A dog’s skin and hair coat could provide valuable clues about the animal’s health. Several factors can affect the skin and hair coat of pets. These include the animal’s genes, health, nutrition, as well as the presence of internal and external parasites and other issues that may affect the skin and coat. 

Genetics is the biggest influence on the color, texture, length, and thickness of your dog's coat, nevertheless, the owner also has a big role in keeping their pet’s skin and coat shiny, clean, and healthy.

Protein is an essential nutrient for coat health. Linoleic acid ( a type of omega 6) helps to keep a good coat. A complete and balanced diet can adequately meet the dietary needs of pets, just make sure it’s appropriate for their life stage. 

Proper grooming is also essential for coat and skin health. Grooming removes loose hair and distributes skin oils. Grooming sessions are also time well-spent with your pet and could go a long way in strengthening your bond together.

Bring your pet to your veterinarian Norwalk, CA for regular health and dental checks.


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