Factors That Can Lead To Skin Problems In Dogs

Several factors can be a potential cause of skin disease in dogs aside from bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Here are some of the factors that you need to watch out for:

● Food and seasonal allergies. Your dog might be sensitive to some allergens that cause him to scratch his skin. He could be allergic to pollen, dust, weeds, mites, molds, trees, or grasses. Like humans, a dog can also get flaky, dry skin during wintertime. A dog can be also allergic to ingredients in his dog food, like chicken, beef, corn, wheat, or soy. Some dogs can also be allergic to fillers and artificial food coloring as this can be regarded as foreign by their immune system, and eventually results in itching and skin rashes.

● Hormonal or metabolic problems. Hormonal imbalance can result in skin color transformation, coat uniformity, thickness, and distribution.

● Grooming products. Grooming products like shampoo can irritate the skin of your dog. Always ensure that you are using grooming products intended for dog use.

● Stress or boredom. Stress and boredom can cause your dog to excessively licking his skin, most often his leg. This is because of lack of activity hence he is drawn to licking his skin. 

Any sign of skin and/or hair coat problem should require an appointment with your animal clinic Oconomowoc, WI. Learn more here.


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