Tips on How To Maintain Litter Box

All cats especially those that are confined indoors need a litter  box. Here are some tips on how to maintain your cat’s litter box and  keep it clean: 

  • The litter box must be situated in a  quiet and accessible spot in your house. It is wise to put a litter box  in strategic areas. If your house is multi-level, you can put a litter  box per floor.  
  • Do not move the litter box unless necessary. If  you need to move it to a new spot, you must do it gradually,  moving at  least a foot per day in the direction of the new location. 
  • Remove solid waste from the litter box daily. Remember cats don’t like a smelly and messy litter box. 
  • Once a week, dispose of all the litter box contents and wash the box  using a mild detergent. Make sure it’s dry before refilling the box with  new litter.  If you want to do it less frequently, use clumping  litters. 
  • When cleaning the litter box, avoid using ammonia, scents, or deodorizers like lemon. 

Sudden  and/or frequent litter box evasion may be caused by an underlying  health issue. A visit to your animal hospital Brampton, ON can help  address the problem. 


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