Tips To Keep Your Parrot Healthy

A well-balanced diet is a primary need of pet parrots. If you have a feathered pet, make sure that their diet is able to meet their body’s daily nutritional needs to keep their immune system up and their body in good health. Your pet parrot’s mental and physical requirements can also be met by a well-balanced, nutritional diet.

Parrots like having variety in their diet. Include different kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits, also some premium bird feeder pellets. One important nutrient in parrot diets is calcium. To ensure that calcium is properly absorbed into the body and metabolism is improved, make sure that your parrot has ample exposure to the sun. Be sure that the sunlight is direct from the sun itself for full spectrum effect and that it is not filtered through windows. Letting your pet parrot spend time outside the home in a secure enclosure can help ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the sun.

Your parrot’s nutritional needs can best be discussed with your vets Greater Cincinnati.


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