Applying Flea and Tick Ointment to a Papillon

If you’re using an ointment for flea and tick protection for your Papillon or other breed canine then you already be aware of how tricky the process can be. Remember, if you’re not sure how to apply it just ask your vet for assistance. Applying a spot on flea and tick treatment can be difficult. In general, you should open the little tube of solution and then place the tip of the applicator underneath your Papillon’s fur on his back right between his shoulders. Gently squeeze the tube and apply it down your Papillon’s back as he cannot reach his back to lick it. Do not rub the solution in; instead, allow it to soak in. Make sure you squeeze all the contents from the tube. Once finished, praise your Papillon and reward him with a treat. It is recommended to apply flea and tick topical treatments every month. Notify your veterinarians Des Moines, IA if your dog has a reaction. Learn more here.


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