Strange Cat Behaviors: Rolling On The Ground And Crying

When a cat suddenly rolls around on the floor and will continuously meow can certainly make the owner worry. The cat would appear to be convulsing or having a seizure.

The next time you see this behavior in your cat, take note of the time, location, and conditions. These unusual behavioral spells of frenzy could be brought about by certain environmental elements. Knowing the details can help you in pinpointing the likely causes of this behavior, and then take the necessary precautions to prevent future incidents of these manic fits. Catnip, overwhelming environmental scents, or possibly even deviations from the established daily regimen are just some common triggers.

There are some animal behavior specialists who think that these behaviors are just attention-seeking actions by cats. But it could also be a way for a cat to mark spots or ground territory with her specific scent when she does this rolling around behavior. This should not be compared to a dog’s submissive action.

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