Interesting Facts About Birds and Exotic Pets

There are now quite a number of people who keep birds and other  exotic animals as pets.  Below are several less-known facts about these  animals that you might not know yet: 

  • A bird has to eat around half of its body weight daily in order to survive. 
  • Currently, the US has around 60 million birds that are kept as pets and household companions. 
  • An iguana can hold its breath for around half an hour. 
  • Hamsters usually blink only one eye at a time.  This behavior keeps  them alert and always on the lookout for possible predators. 
  • Pet ferrets number at around 8-10 million in American homes.  Next to  cats and dogs, ferrets have become the third most common pet in the US. 
  • It is possible for a goldfish to live for as long as forty years.   
  • Birds such as macaws and cockatoos, as well as some larger parrot species can live up to 75 years. 

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