Busting Myths About Ear Infection In Dogs

One of the common problems of dogs is an ear infection. You'll know that your dog is suffering from an ear infection if he frequently shakes his head, or if his outer ears appear red and swollen. Ear scratching and emitting of bad-smelling ear discharge are also symptoms of ear infections. While it is easy to identify the infection, it is difficult to stop it from happening. 

Unfortunately, some pet owners continue to believe in these myths. The good news is these myths have been busted. 

Myth: Apple cider vinegar can cure an ear infection

Fact: Experts discourage the use of apple cider vinegar because it might lead to further infections.

Myth: Don’t use medications from the previous infection

Fact: Even if the current infection is similar to the previous case, you should never give medication to your pet unless the veterinarian approves

Myth: Cleaning the dog’s ears can cause infection

Fact: Some causes of ear infection are bacteria and yeast, allergic reactions, trauma, presence of tumors or foreign materials, as well as changes in the hormones. Dog breeds that have unique ear anatomy can also contribute to developing an ear infection. 

If you notice any ear problems in your dog, visit your animal hospital Washington DC immediately.


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