Should My Dog Sleep in My Bed?

Whether your dog should sleep in your bed or not is pretty much up to you. It’s a personal preference. There are a lot of opinions on the topic of allowing your canine companion to sleep in bed with you, though. For instance, there are a lot of reasons to allow it and a lot of reasons not to allow it. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to your vet. He most likely has a better understanding of you and your pet’s specific needs. For instance, if you have any type of allergy, it may not be wise to let your Yorkie sleep with you. Likewise, if your Yorkie is ill for a time your vet may suggest that he’s crated at night until he recovers. Some Yorkie owners refuse to allow their dogs on the bed or furniture for sanitary purposes. Learn more here from your vet clinic Georgetown, IN.


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