Pet Obesity Can Be Avoided By Feeding Them Food That Is Species-Appropriate

Pet food should not be shared between a pet cat and a pet dog. Dogs are omnivorous, while cats are true carnivores, therefore their nutritional requirements are different. Dogs are not very particular about their food sources, however, cats need their proteins to be animal-based.

To aid your cat in reducing her weight, you will need to feed her alone, away from other pet cats that you may have. Cats can be picky and eat slow, or they can be ravenous eaters. Separate feeding will make help sure that each one of your pets is eating enough. Having them eat separately can be advantageous when practicing portion control. 

If your pet cat suddenly loses appetite or suddenly increases her intake of food, this could be a symptom of an underlying health problem. Having your cat eat alone will dispense with the need to guard her food against others, thus she eats at her own pace.

If you observe any differences in your pet’s dietary habits, take her to your vet Washington DC for a checkup.


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