Teacup Pigs Are Products Of Cruel Breeding And Management Methods

Teacup pigs are a product of selective breeding methods. This method can have serious consequences on the pigs’ health and welfare. Breeders use inhumane methods to keep the pigs in small sizes. Two of the methods used in this kind of breeding technique are:

· Inbreeding. This is the breeding of two closely genetically related pigs so that they can produce teacup pigs. Because of the absence of genetic diversity, there will be many health problems in the progeny. Most likely, teacup pigs can suffer from acute respiratory illness because of their flattened muzzles. 

· Starvation. Underfeeding results in underdeveloped growth. For this reason, breeders advise teacup pig owners to drastically limit the dietary sustenance of their pets. Starving thwarts these pigs from flourishing, because of this their skeletal structure will not grow fully and their internal organs do not grow to their full size. Eventually, this can result in bone deformities and other severe medical problems. 

Have your teacup pig pet check by your veterinarians Lexington, KY regularly to ensure their wellbeing and health are in good condition.


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