Dogs And Their Denning Instincts

Canine ancestors once lived in dens. Even after being domesticated, this denning instinct still remains strong in pet dogs. Your dog’s crate, as long as it is adequately-sized, can appease his need to be inside a den. The crate will be his secure spot for resting.

This denning instinct in your dog will be useful when housetraining. Crate training is one aspect of obedience training that your puppy has to go through. Once they recognize the crate as their den, he will treat it as his living space and dogs have an instinct to always keep it clean, and will not eliminate body waste inside the crate. His crate should have ample space for him to lay down but not too big that it allows him to designate a potty corner.

If your pet somehow has a lot of ‘potty accidents’, it can be a symptom of a hidden health issue. Take your dog to the professional vet clinic Wake Forest NC for a diagnosis.


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