What to Do When Your Keeshond Has Something In His Eye

If you see your Keeshond scratching at his eyes with his paws or rubbing his face on the floor trying to scratch at his eyes then you should call your vet. This can be a common indication that there is something trapped in your dog’s eye whether it’s dirt or debris. You should especially notify your vet if your Keeshond is scratching his eyes, blinking excessively or has watery to weepy eyes. You may also want to check your Keeshond’s eye yourself to see if there’s anything obvious in his eye. You can do this by using your thumb to lift the upper eyelid while checking underneath for debris. Do the same with the lower eyelid by using the other hand. You may need to flush the eye with fresh water or if you can use a damp cotton swab to ease the debris out. If in doubt about your dog’s eye, please call your pet clinic Roanoke, VA. More information here:


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