How to Hold an American Shorthair Kitten

As you’re probably already aware, newborn kittens like the American Shorthair can be fragile and should not be help right away. The best thing to do is to allow time for the newborns and their mother to bond before stepping in. Check with your vet if you’re not sure when or how to hold a newborn kitten. A good rule of thumb is to start handling them after they’ve had time to make that initial connection with their mother and other siblings. When you do start handling the newborn American Shorthair kittens, try holding them for short periods of time at first. For instance, hold them for around five to ten minutes. When holding the kitten, make sure to support its entire body. Always remember to hold the kitten in the presence of the mother cat. This will help the kittens feel secure and safe. Click here for more details or contact your veterinary clinic Burlington, ON.


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