Additives In Pet Food

You may have seen that numerous products have a few additives, if it is a habit of yours to check ingredients listed in labels of pet food right before buying what you seem is best for your fur baby. Included here are antioxidants, flavors, food colors, and preservatives. A majority of the additives put in pet food are also present in human food.

Generally, additives are given in the most minimal amount possible and additives present in pet food should conform with the levels given by the AAFCO.


To prevent the pet food from spoilage, preservative is added. Also, canned pet food can be protected from spoilage by way of airtight storage. In maintaining food safety and quality, preservatives are usually put in kibbles. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, and Vitamin E or Tocopherols are some of the preservatives that are natural and are used commonly.


Antioxidants present in pet food support the pet’s well-being and health as well as neutralization of free radicals.

Any sign of illness should prompt a visit to your professional vet clinic Columbia MD.


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