Does Your Puppy Jump Up On People?

Many pet owners think that it’s cute for puppies to be jumping up on peole. However, it would be a different story when the puppy has become full-grown and continues to engage in the behavior. Puppies would continue to jump up on people if they find that they get a reward in return. For example, if a puppy jumps on you and you reward this behavior by giving him some attention and/or petting him, he will deem the action as acceptable. If a puppy behaves this way, make sure you will not pay attention to him and tell this instruction to your friends and guests as well. If a behavior is not reinforced, he will not engage in it. But this is easier said than done. When the previously rewarded action of jumping on people suddenly receives no attention or reinforcement at all, the puppy tends to aggressively engage in the behavior but it will wane out eventually once he realizes that the action is no longer serving him.

If you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, make an appointment with your pet clinic Spring Hill, TN.


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