Why Does My Cat Grind Her Teeth?

Bruxism is the technical term for tooth grinding in cats. There are several reasons why a cat would engage in this kind of behavior and some of them are listed below:

An issue with the mouth and its associated structures

Abscess, problems in the gum and tooth, injury, stuck foreign material inside the mouth, etc are just some of the reasons why a cat grinds her tooth. You may also see drooling accompanying this behavior. If you can, you can check your pet’s mouth for decaying or broken teeth, inflamed gums, sores, wounds, etc.


In some cases, a cat will grind his teeth to communicate with his owner that they are having issues with the food they are eating. You can try to switch to a premium canned food and then check if the behavior will stop.


Cats can be finicky when it comes to drinking water and this can increase their risks of dehydration. You have to make sure that your cat is getting adequate water throughout the day since severe dehydration can be fatal when not addressed.

Take your pet to the pet clinic Frisco, TX for regular consultation and issues about his behavior.


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