Giving Mixed Signals Can Confuse Your Dog During Training

The importance of giving a cue at a given time should always be kept in mind when training a dog. Making multiple requests can only confuse your dog. Training your pet using repeated cues or commands will teach him that you need to say commands over and over again before he makes a response. Also, your body language may be confusing your dog. Remember, canines are highly perceptive to their owners’ behaviors and body language. They pay attention to your body movements, rather than verbal instruction. Be consistent with your body movements when giving a cue or command. To avoid this situation, the first step you have to take is to teach your dog the desired behavior using positive reinforcement, then add the cue or command. Just say it once, and wait. Patience is indeed a virtue during dog training. Give your pooch a minute or two to respond. If he seems confused or fails to make the desired action, you need to go back and practice the behavior some more before you attempt to add the verbal cue.

A sudden change in your pet’s health and/or behavior should prompt an appointment with your vet clinic Plano, TX.


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