How Long Should A Dog Stay Inside His Crate?

Generally, a good rule to follow is that a dog usually can be left inside the crate for not longer than an hour for every month of his age, but no longer than nine or ten hours. Meaning, if your dog is five months old, then having him stay inside the crate for five hours is okay. If you are busy with work and your dog is an adult, you may have him in the crate while you work, provided that he has had about an hour’s worth of physical activities prior to, and post confinement. Should you not have enough time for physical activity, have someone else walk your dog. There are dog walking services available nowadays.

Having your dog get used to spending considerable time inside the crate is preferable when leaving him inside for an extended time. If he is not used to this, he may get anxious, have panic fits that could injure himself and possibly damage his crate.

Any concerns you may have about your pet’s behavior should require a visit to your animal clinic Marietta, GA. Schedule an appointment today!


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