Your Puppy's Size Can Dictate How Much Food To Give Your Pet

A puppy’s size is an important factor that should be considered when  determining how much food should they consume each day. With a fast  metabolism, puppies benefit from being fed at least 4 times a  day. In adult dogs, their daily food consumption can be divided into 2-3  meals with regular intervals.   

Aside from their fast  metabolic process, puppies have a short digestive system and tiny  urinary bladders. This means that they tend to visit the potty more  often throughout the day. During housetraining, you should bring him to  his potty area frequently at specific times each day. It is advisable to  use a pen or crate to put your puppy inside between his trips to the  potty spot. You must also be consistent in his potty training to ensure  the success of housetraining your pet.   

If you need expert advice, you may contact your veterinarian Marietta, GA to learn more about your pet’s needs. 


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