What to Feed Growing Beagle Pups

There’s a lot to the process of raising puppies. From weaning and feeding food while weaning to choosing a food for the puppy after weaning, there’s a lot to keep track of. Always give your vet a call for help. For instance, your vet can help you find the best type of food to feed your Beagle puppies. Different types of Beagle breeds of pups may require different nutritional ingredients in their dog chow. Your vet can help you determine what well balanced and specifically formulated dog chow will work for your pup. Make sure you are feeding an appropriate puppy chow during the first year of life to ensure adequate nutrients are received during the transition of going from “mom’s milk” to whole food. Pay attention to the calorie count on the bag as well as the specific ingredients used and the suggested serving sizes. Learn more from your veterinary clinic New Orleans, LA. 

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