What is Denier in Keeshond Dog Blankets?

Buying durable, long lasting dog blanket for your Keeshond may involve going beyond your usual pet store finds. More durable outdoor blankets for dogs often can be found in tack shops or outdoor sporting good stores. These types of blankets tend to come in a variety of colors, weights, fills, and denier. The weight or fill describes the thickness of the blanket. The denier; however, describes the durability of the blanket. For instance, the denier is the measure of the nylon fiber density in the blanket, which varies from blanket to blanket. A blanket with a 600D means a 600 denier and indicates the blanket is more durable than a blanket with a 300D. If your Keeshond likes to play rough then you may want to consider a stronger denier. For older, less active dogs, you may do well with a lower denier. Ask your veterinarian New Orleans, LA for additional information and suggestions. 


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