Facts About Pet Hedgehogs

African Pygmies are the most popular types of hedgehogs that are kept as house pets. A hedgehog’s body is coated with spiky spines (quills) apart from its face, stomach, and limbs. These spiky projections are blunt and not prickly, unlike porcupines.

Whenever a ferret is scared or faces possible danger, it curls into a compact ball to shield the defenseless portions of its body which are lacking in spines. They can run fast with a speed rate of 6 feet/second before curling into a compact ball. 

Hedgehogs primarily eat insects in their normal environment; hence they are dubbed as insectivores. They have made themselves opportunistic feeders, consuming everything that is presented to them by their owners. 

Hedgehogs, like cats, have a strong sense of hearing which, when paired with their superb olfactory sense, make them extremely alert to threats in their immediate surroundings. 

Take your pet hedgehog to a veterinary clinic Fort Collins, CO regularly for a health check.


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