Does Your Dog Have A Runny Nose?

Dogs owners tend to fuss when they notice that their pet has a runny nose. They would often think that there is something wrong with their pets. However, there are plenty of reasons why a dog could have a runny nose. It could range from excitement to upper respiratory tract infection to serious medical conditions.

Watery Discharge

Anxiety is one cause for dogs having runny noses. The discharge usually appears clear and it clears up when your dog calms down. However, if the problem persists for longer periods, you should get him checked by a veterinarian.


Dogs also have allergies to things from their immediate environment. You will notice a clear discharge from the nose if this is the case.


A runny nose can also be one of the symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection affecting the dog’s respiratory system. Canine distemper and kennel cough are just two common examples of these infections.

If you have concerns about your pet’s health, make an appointment with your veterinary clinic Glen Ellyn, IL.


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