Safety Measures To Observe When Giving Human Food To Your Dog

Pet owners usually give table scraps to their pet dogs. While this is not an ideal practice, the owners will just have to make sure that the food they give is the right amount only. Giving food in moderation will help the dog stay within healthy weight limits.

Human food should not be the main source of your dog’s nutrition. Here are the reasons why:

● Human food is rich in fat. Too much consumption of fat-rich food can cause pancreatitis. Examples are: beef trimmings bacon, poultry skin, pate, and meat with gravy

● Carbohydrate-rich food should not be given to dogs with diabetes. These food contain a large amount of digestible energy that is not god for diabetic dogs

Always remember to give your pet dog small servings of human food. If they consume too much, they might be in danger of pancreatitis or may worsen an existing diabetes problem. 

Your local vet Lewisville TX is a valuable resource about your pet’s health and nutrition.


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