Over-Petting Can Make Cats Aggressive

Cats are also sensitive creatures in some ways. They might love being cuddled by their owners but they could only tolerate this up to a certain limit. Over stimulation by tactile affection can cause them to display aggression. 

They would usually enjoy all the pettings and cuddles that you give them for a short period, but when they reach their maximum level of tolerance, they would usually show some signs of annoyance or dislike before they start nipping or removing your hands away from them. 

Therefore, it is best to become mindful during cuddling times and try to notice the changes in their body language, which may include lashing of the tail, a flickering of the ears, low growling, ears lying flat towards the back of the head, and twitching of the skin. They may also change their position abruptly and stop purring. These signs are fairly noticeable, so it is best to halt the cuddling and give them their space.

A sudden change in your pet’s health and/or behavior should warrant a visit to your veterinary clinic Kerrville TX


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