What Are Hound Dogs ?

A hunter’s favorite type of dog are hound dogs because of their ability in catching and chasing game. They have a keen sense of hearing and smell that is above that of the other breeds. They also have the temperament and energy to follow a trail of scent for long distances.

Hound dogs have 2 main groups-- these are the sighthounds and the scenthounds.

Scenthounds - They are the dogs who have a very sensitive sense of smell than other dog breeds. They are used by the police to detect explosives, illegal drugs, and contraband goods, and they are also used in hunting. They would follow the trail of a scent even through rugged terrains and even across bodies of water. The most popular of all the scenthound breeds are the bloodhounds and beagles.

Sighthounds - They are dogs with a powerful sense of sight that allows them to be able to spot game while hunting. Some popular sighthounds are the Salukis, whippets, and greyhounds.

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