Dogs Are Affectionate Pets

Dogs have various ways in which they show their affection to their owners. You can tell it by observing their body language. When you arrive home after a long day of being away, your dog will greet you by wagging his tail to show how happy he is to see you. Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. This is one reason why your pet appears to be over-happy and hyperactive to see you. 

Does your dog give you those “puppy eyes”? You may have noticed your pooch gazing at you for some time and holding it for a few moments which is akin to the way a mother dog would gaze at her puppies.

Dogs also look forward to interactions and cuddling sessions with their humans. They are always on the lookout for opportunities to spend time and play with the other members of the pack. 

Any sign of illness exhibited by your pet should warrant an appointment with your most popular veterinarian Gresham OR.


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