Bladder Infections In Pet Cats And Dogs

Infections of the urinary tract or the bladder happen when there is the multiplication of bacteria in the bladder that leads to an infection. The animal’s feces is the most common source of bacteria that are linked to infections of the urinary tract. Take note that there are circumstances wherein the animal will not show any infection signs or symptoms but a lot of the UTI cases are painful. If the infection is not treated as soon as possible, the infection of the bladder might spread into their kidneys and this will cause serious complications. Some of the symptoms you will find in pets with infection of the urinary tract are painful urination, frequent urination, increased thirst, difficulty in urinating and they can only urinate in small amounts. Vocalization is brought about by the discomfort and pain they are feeling. There may also be blood in the urine, giving it a strong smell. 

If you notice your pet is showing one or a combination of the aforementioned symptoms, take him to the trusted vet clinic Ashburn VA immediately.


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