Tips To Help Delay Your Cat’s Mental Aging

Thanks to the advancement in veterinary care, cats can now live beyond their life expectancy. In fact, more cats are living beyond 20 years. Some of them are still mentally alert.

However, one of the considerations for older cats is the decline in their mental health. This is something that cannot be stopped. But as the owner, you can initiate steps to help your cat be mentally alert for a longer time. You need to keep your cat active. Here are some activities you can do:

● Give physical and mental stimulation. Keeping them active can delay the Feline Cognitive Dysfunction

● Allot regular playtime with your kitty, including the older cats

● Let them chase, jump, climb, and engage in other natural feline behaviors. 

These suggestions are inexpensive and can be done inside your homes. These also do not take too much of your time. And most importantly, you have helped your cat be more active and happy.

A sudden change in your pet’s behavior should require a visit to your professional vet hospital Leesburg VA sooner rather than later. 


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