What is A Gingivitis Diagnosis in Cats Like the Siamese?

Does your Siamese cat have bad breath or have you noticed that she’s having trouble chewing her food” If so, then you should contact your vet and set up a dental exam. These could be signs of gum disease, which is also commonly referred to as gingivitis. Gingivitis usually involves inflammation, redness and swelling of the gums due to the build-up of plaque, which is food or other debris. Only your vet can tell you if your Siamese cat has gingivitis. He will need to perform a physical exam on your cat and will most likely ask you for a detailed history of your Siamese cat’s overall health. Be prepared to describe any symptoms your Siamese may be experiencing. Symptoms may include bad breath, trouble chewing, etc. Also let your vet know what type of food your cat is currently eating. Consult with your veterinary clinic Jacksonville, FL for diagnosis and treatment details. 


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