Walking a Dog Like the Boxer on Icy Roads

Walking your Boxer or another canine companion on icy roadways or walkways is not typically a good idea. Why? Most roadways and walkways in areas that are affected by ice and snow are usually treated with some type of “melt away” product. The product simply melts away the ice making it easier for people to walk. However, the chemicals are not very pet friendly. If you take your Boxer out for frequent walks try to avoid surfaces that have been treated with salt or ice melt as this can be toxic to Boxers. If you can’t avoid these surfaces consider buying snow shoes for your Boxer in order to protect his feet. An alternative to snow shoes would be simply cleaning your Boxer’s feet each time you go for a walk. Contact your veterinarian Cornelius, NC for more tips on how to keep your Boxer’s paws safe from icy roadways.


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