What Is Bruxism In Cats ?

When you notice that your cat is grinding her teeth, you should take a look inside your pet’s mouth to see what’s causing the behavior. If your cat allows it, try touching her gums to check for abnormalities.

Some cats grind their teeth to get rid of an unwanted foreign object in their mouth. They can also be suffering from gum and tooth problems and grinding their teeth relieves the pain. They can also have wound and mouth sores.

Bruxism can also reveal more serious health problems like rabies, gastritis, dehydration, kidney failure, brain tumor, and bowel disease. Take a look at your cat’s behavior so you can check what’s bothering her.

When you hear your cat grind her teeth, don’t panic just yet. Check for unwanted particles in the mouth first. If there’s none, and she persists in grinding her teeth, you can take your cat to a vet Portland OR to find out what’s wrong.


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