How to Deal with a Fearful Pet

People who have been sharing their life and home with dogs tend to easily identify signs of fear exhibited by a dog. In the presence of a certain stimulus or trigger factor, a dog may appear nervous and anxious. The dog’s body language may also reflect the fear that he is feeling. 

So what are the signs of fear that can be seen in a dog? 

● A dog will tuck his tail between his legs, and he will lower his head and body. This is a sign that the dog is feeling fearful and anxious.

● The dog’s hair on the upper and back of the neck or the hackles are raised. Their ears are directed backward and are flat against their heads. 

● Too much fear may also lead to the dog being unable to control his bladder and bowel movement. 

If the trigger factor or cause creates an unwanted circumstance that the dog successfully eliminates, the dog will be able to learn to avoid these kinds of situations. The fearfulness of dogs can be hard to deal with when the trigger is a combination of various factors.

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