The Afghan Hound as a Sensitive Breed

The Afghan hound is an extremely sensitive hound despite his appearance. It’s hard to imagine since this sight hound is bred for speed and has the capability of hunting down deer, gazelles and even leopards. However, this regal and elegant hound also has a sensitive side. In fact, the Afghan hound is hypersensitive to pain. This means that the smallest of injuries can cause great discomfort. The Afghan hound is also sensitive to mannerisms of people. For instance, Afghan hounds are recommended for owners that are gentle and experienced in training. Afghans typically make wonderful pets for families with older children that are quiet and well behaved. A calm atmosphere is the Afghan’s preference. In addition, because of their speed, the hound requires a daily run time to let loose and get rid of excessive energy. For additional information, contact your veterinarian London, ON.


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