The Afghan Hound as a Sight Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of several breeds of canine that are built to hunt via their sense of smell or via their exceptional speed and impeccable sight. The Afghan hound is a sighthound. He has the ability to run at speeds of up to 40 mph and can chase down deer, gazelles, and even leopards. The Afghan’s slender build and conformation is the secret to his success as a sighthound. In fact, the Afghan hound has high hips set wide apart, which allows him to move quickly while at the same time maneuvering across rough terrains. His skull is long and narrow and is referred to as a Dolichocephalic skull. Because of the skull’s shape, the Afghan hound has a field of vision up to 270 degrees. The Afghan’s long, silky flowing coat and distinct ringtail also set him apart from other breeds. Click to learn more or call your vets Tampa, FL.


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