Cats Hate Being "Over-Petted"

Although your cat likes to be cuddled, too much touching can be overwhelming for them. Cats are quite sensitive and they can only tolerate human touch to some extent. If they are overstimulated, they may become aggressive. Cat parents should know about this trait. If you cuddle your cat, pretty soon she will become tired and might be angry towards you. Don’t be surprised if she snarls at you or swipes your hand away. So when you play with your cat, be on the lookout for any change in her behavior. The signs you should look out for are: flickering or ears, lashing of the tail, skin movements, growling sounds as well as changing her position. Furthermore, if your pet stares at you angrily, it means that playtime is over. You can let go of your cat so she can rest for a while. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s behavior should warrant a visit to your vet clinic California, MD. Click this website for more details.


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