Using Clay For Cat Litter

One of the popular litter materials among cat pet owners is clay because of its desirable qualities. Clay litter is a type of clumping litter that can absorb moisture. It has an ingredient called bentonite, which has a high absorbent capacity that prevents liquid from causing an undesirable odor. When the urine mixes with the clay litter, it forms into clumps, making it easy for you to scoop, clean, and dispose of trash. You may also choose between scented and unscented clay litter. Clay litter is also a cheap option. One disadvantage of using clay litter is it is dusty. Inhalation of dust can cause respiratory problems in humans. You can choose from various cat litter materials. Comparing different cat litter types will enable you to determine which one is the most suitable as cats are very meticulous animals. Not having the right litter material can make your cat prone to potty problems. 

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