Can My Canine Have Table Scraps ?

Has your dog ever given you those cute, adorable, puppy dog eyes begging for attention just when you sit down to the table for a meal? Your dog is trying his best to look cute so you’ll feed him something. Feeding your dog from the table is primarily up to you; however, it is recommended that you check with your vet before doing so. For some dog owners, feeding pets from the table encourages bad habits such as constant begging during all meals. Other dog owners choose not to feed scraps from the table because of ingredients. Remember, a carrot from the pot roast is not the same as a carrot from the garden. There could be spices in the cooked carrot that could cause your Basset stomach harm. If you do choose to feed your Basset table scraps, make sure they are vet approved. Double check with your veterinary clinic Cy-Fair before feeding your dog table scraps.


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