Ice Melt and Cats Likes the Burmese

Did you know that the environment you and your cat Burmese live in can play a huge part in how you and your cat live your daily life? For instance, during the winter months, there are several things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your Burmese cat’s overall health and wellness. For instance, if your Burmese spends much time outdoors in the winter, you need to think about the surface areas where your cat is walking. If you live in an area with sidewalks that are heavily treated with “ice melt” or “quick melt” products then you may need to keep your cat indoors or invest in pet wipes or a product to clean your cat’s paws each time she comes indoors. Products used to melt ice can be toxic to cats. Consult with your vet clinic Rochester, NY for additional ways to keep your cats paws clean and free of such toxins.


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