Do Abyssinian Cats Make Good House Cats?

The Abyssinian is known for it’s wild, jungle like look. However, this exotic looking feline is also known to be a gentle loving companion cat at heart. If you’re looking for a loving, yet playful companion cat then you may want to check out the Abyssinian. Although this particular cat does not like to be held and is not considered a lap cat, the Abyssinian is very friendly, loves to be with people, and has a gentle disposition. The Abyssinian also has quite the personality and is often known as the clown of the cat kingdom. Highly intelligent, the Abyssinian frequently looks for ways to get into trouble and is notorious for his antics. For instance, this particular cat loves to unroll the toilet paper, go through backpacks, and get into mischief. If you’re up for a little fun and games plus some TLC then the Abyssinian may be the cat for you! Click here for more details or call your veterinarians Valley Center, KS. 

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